Sunday, January 31, 2010

gaga over gaga

Everyone knows Lady Gaga is out there. I know she expressing herself and "it's art," but she usually ends up looking a little wacky. But sunday at the Grammys she looks gorgeous! Note the tights and shoes. So here's a little tribute to the one and only Gaga whom right now I'm going gaga over (excuse my lame word choice ;] ):

pics via


  1. i thought her outfit was absolutely incredible. and i'm really loving it. now seeing it close up are the shoes part of the tights? if so, that must have been difficult to get into. xx

  2. I think the shoes are connected to tights and that makes her outfit even more interesting.
    How was it possible for her to walk in those shoes?
    To see that outfit in person...

  3. wow, her outfit was absolutely incredible wasn't it? i wish i had some tights like that to add abit of sparkle to my day! if only everyday people like us could get away with wearing dresses and shoes like that!


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