Wednesday, March 31, 2010

blue crush


Spring break, a time for relaxing and having fun in the sun. It has me remembering past spring breaks and wishing for summer to arrive a little faster. When I was 12 I went through a 'surfer girl' stage. My whole wardrobe was made up of surf brand t-shirts, mini skirts and bamboo flip flops. I wore my hair wavy and sun bleached. When my family visited Huntington Beach I spent all my allowance at the Roxy and Billabong stores and constantly re-watched Kate Bosworth's Blue Crush. Although I loved the beach; going snorkeling, swimming, building sand castles or just lounging with a smoothie, I've always been terrified to go surfing. I've watched countless shark week specials so I feel like I'd be prepared to fight one off but I'm too afraid to risk it.
These Chanel surfboards have me rethinking my phobia. Surfing in Waikiki on a Chanel board, dressed in Proenza Schouler surrounded by island bliss would be worth the risk.



  1. ummmm... YES PLEASE!

    btw, thankyou for your lovely comment, your blog is quite wonderful as well. Have a brilliant spring break:)

  2. Too funny. Can you believe I've never seen Blue Crush? Although I think I went through a similar stage with my wardrobe back in elementary school. Lol. Hope you had a wonderful Easter, dear! & Hope you are doing well! xx


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