Saturday, January 9, 2010


(pictures via TFS, compiled/edited by me)

I started watching the British show 'Skins' recently and it's now one of my favorites! The show is so different than other current teen shows. It just proves even more how much better British teen shows are better than American shows. The dialogue is so perfect and raw, not a sugar coated version of teenagers. Cassie, played by Hannah Murray, is my favorite character. I love how Hannah portrays Cassie in an angelic and dreamy way even though she is probably the most tragic character in Skins. Not to mention she has amazing style. Her outfits always look effortlessly thrown together, very whimsical and London.

Cassie: I didn't eat for three days so I could be lovely...

Cassie: Talking of love, wow, I love love. Love is like your best friend that you don't see alot.

Sid: What you have to say to me?
Cassie: I love you forever Sid.
Sid: You will?
Cassie: Yes...that's the problem.

Cassie: When you think about it, the world is so huge and people ask "What are you going to do?", as if you can do that much.

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