Sunday, January 3, 2010

on the hunt

Need, need, need the Chanel Le Vernis nail polish in Jade. Yes, it requires three 'needs.' Currently this nail polish is sold out everywhere! There are very long waiting lists at Chanel boutiques world wide and the Jade polish is going for $100+ on eBay. I desperately want this nail polish but I couldn't possibly spend that much money on nail polish! I plan to go searching some more in downtown Seattle this week. My mom thinks I'm crazy, "Just mix your own color," she says, but it's not the same. I won't bore you or dwell on this but if you happen to come across Le Vernis Jade buy an extra for me please and I'll be sure to pay you back. ;)

To cheer me up, after coming back from Macys and Nordstrom empty handed, I got a matte navy blue nail polish. I know I'm a little late on this, but I never got around to getting a matte blue polish last year. Sorry for the awful quality, my camera was nowhere to be found so pictures were taken on my phone.

(By the way my hands aren't tanned like that, it's the lighting. Believe it or not I took that photo by myself without a timer. It involved holding my phone with my mouth and pressing the 'capture' button then quickly putting my hand back in the frame. Don't judge me. ;])

(Watch from my great-grandmother, I always wear watches upside down. I don't know why. & the daisy chain bracelet from my Mom.)

(The "luck" ring I got for Christmas. I wear it everyday for a little extra magic and luck.)

On another note my school Winter SnoBall is coming up towards the end of January and I'm searching for the perfect dress. Not too dressy and something I can dance in. I need to try it on but I really like this dress so far:

Today (or rather tonight) is the last day of holiday break. This morning I planned to be in bed by 8pm so I could get some decent sleep but obviously now at 11:30pm that plan didn't quite work out. All break I woke up no earlier than 9am but tomorrow I'll be up before the sun will be at 6am. I predict that a major caffeine boost will be needed in the morning. sleep tight xoxo


  1. i have been in love with nail polish for the longest time!
    & that dress is adorable. is it from anthropologie? good luck finding a dress!

  2. i have so many colors of nailpolish but the chanel jade needs to be added to my collection :)
    && yes the dress is from anthropologie


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