Tuesday, February 16, 2010

delicate details

(pictures of my grandma's house taken by me)

Don't you love going back to a childhood getaway? Right when you walk in that familiar smell comforts you and memories flood your mind. That's how I feel when I enter my grandmother's house after being away for a few months. Nothing has changed since I first crawled around the house as a baby. Everything; the furniture, the decor hasn't changed. I love how my grandma has decorated her house, filled with pieces passed down through generations and lace linens in every room. Her style actually reminds me of the Christian Dior Spring 2006 RTW collection, all the pastels, frills and delicate details.

runway pictures via style.com

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  1. i know just what you mean! i love your grandmother's way of decorating! hope you are doing well, shelby. xx


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