Thursday, February 25, 2010

spring time

Spring is certainly coming early in the northwest. The Cherry Blossom trees, with their newly sprouted buds, look like fluffy pink cotton candy lining the sidewalks. I've even seen a few humming birds fluttering about. I find it quite odd that while the east coast is stuck in blizzards, Seattle, which is known for its continuous rain, is enjoying warm spring weather. That means I get to wear my sandals and light sweaters early this year. Springtime also means signing up for next years classes. Aside from the core classes I plan on taking French 3, Web Page Design and Photography. I can't believe I'm almost done with my freshman year of highschool. How is it almost March now? Timeflies... Anyway, the Miss Cherie Dior commercial always reminds me of the playful and girly side of spring. It's the perfect video for a little spring time inspiration!

The above pictures are of the gift exchange I planned with a fellow tumblr friend ( from Australia. I sent her a little coin purse from H&M and a Teen Vogue magazine. I also made a Chanel card with Chanel pictures and a chandelier stamp.

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  1. Such a cute package to send! & I know what you mean. I find it odd that here in Arizona- where it's usually always warm- is enjoying the feel of spring early while everyone else is still enduring snow. So strange. I'm still in disbelief that it's already March! I hope you have a lovely week, Shelby! xx


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